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Quick & Dirty: Another entertaining novella that explores Gage’s personality and the supernatural world of Low Town.

Opening Sentence: This woman could kiss.

The Review:

The Asylum Interviews: Trixie is the second of two novellas in The Asylum Tales series focuses on how Gage, a mysterious and loyal tattoo artist, meets the second of his employees Trixie. This novella begins with Gage hooking up with his ex-girlfriend Jo. Jo takes Gage down memory lane. He remembers why they had chemistry but yet why it would never have worked for them. Jo is a vampire. She has another motive for meeting with Gage, she recommends Gage hire her good human friend Trixie for a job. Gage reluctantly agrees to meet with Trixie.

When Trixie shows up at the tattoo parlor, Gage realizes that Trixie isn’t what she seems. She is hiding under a glamour. She is really an elf. Gage doesn’t reveal that he knows what she is because Trixie comes with even more shocking news. Jo is being mentally and physically abused by another vampire. Trixie wants Gage to do something about it. Always willing to help the damsel in distress, Gage decides he will help. This enables Gage to learn more about the dangerous vampire underworld.

In the end, This novella left me wanting more. I wanted to know more about Gage, Trixie and the hilarious Chang, his dry wit had me laughing out loud. Chang helps supply Gage with his “black market” needs. (I haven’t read Angel’s Ink yet but I do hope I see more of Chang.)

Notable Scene:

Chang smiled a sly grin that gave me chills as he once again waved for me to kneel beside him. “Not poisonous. You drink this and you get sick. Your stomach will empty, but it won’t kill you. Drink this and it do nothing to vampire that drink you.” Chang picked up the blood orange and held it in front of my face. “You eat this and it do nothing to vampire that drink you. Now,” Chang paused, holding up one spindly finger. He put the orange on the table next to the bottle. “You cut sanguinello in half and pour extract on both halves. Let sit for . . . at least two hours. Eat all.”

“Rind, too?”

“Rind? No, not rind. Just fruit. Who eats the rind?” Chang gave me a little smack on the back of the head while giving me a look of disgust. I didn’t regret the question, stupid or not. You always asked questions with magic or you didn’t live to regret it later.

FTC Advisory: I purchased my own copy of The Asylum Interviews: Trixie. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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