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Release date 04.03.2008
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There's a third guy showing up in this volume, but he's just a guy with strong spiritual power who sees exorcising spirits as more of a challenge/competition. Interestingly enough he found his calling in life when he saved a young Yurara girl from a ghost. He felt not like such an outsider then (I keep thinking of Natsume Takashi and what might have happened if he had one kid his age believing in him seeing yokai, etc.)

There's a much stronger side character story in the grief that classmate Manami has for the way she treated her late mother. But even among this story we get further developments for both Yuraras.

There's a bit of a comedy relief story when Mei and Yurara girl go on a date, only to have Yurara guardian take over. It neatly turns into drama when Yako disrupts the date and Yurara guardian admits she still loves him as he loves her. Yurara girl is at stalemate.

The two boys are both acting out, wanting their Yurara, and Yako goes as far as to try to push Yurara into switching into Yurara guardian. Selfish to the core, but then it's his first love. Just like Yurara guardian who grasps her first ever love and leaves Mei in the dust, giving Yurara girl so much guilt that she'll break off with Mei.

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