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This is it, the end of the road for Transmet, and Callahan, and Spider. Maybe Ellis fooled me, but I had the distinct feeling while reading this that he'd had much of the ending planned from very early on in the series. There are so many little things that come back around to have an impact, large or small. Or maybe he's just really good at juggling details on the fly, I don't know. Callahan's fall was satisfying, even if one element had been done before. I especially loved watching regular background character Robert McX come into his own, and the anchorwoman (whose name, if she even had one, I can't recall) who turned the camera on the troops trying to intimidate her out of telling the news. The look on her face is priceless. Spider's personal ending is unexpected, and definitely caught me by surprise. It makes the whole book feel complete and finished, but also like the world itself isn't finished.

I read the newer release, which includes the I Hate It Here and Filth of the City specials. Each one is presented as excerpts from Spider's books, a few paragraphs per page with full size illustrations from various artists. It's the most you'll get of Spider's actual writing in one place. The quality here varies a bit, but the voice never does. It's Spider through and through.

It's the last trade, and I'm not sure I've gotten around to Robertson's art. The simple fact of the matter is that I don't think anyone else could have been nearly as good at illustrating the world of Transmet as Robertson was. His art is very detailed and incredibly expressive, and the tone is always exactly what the book needs. This is one of those cases where the success of the book is entirely a joint effort.

It's jarring to realize that this book is ten years old. It doesn't feel it. It's every bit as timely as it was when Ellis first wrote it. I hope that, ten years from now, it won't be quite as timely. But I wouldn't bet much money on it.

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