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Timeless works of literary imagination—works that have thrilled generations of readers—now in handsome editions edited by literary scholars to make them accessible to today’s youth while retaining their style, plots, major themes, and characters. Give your students a gift of the best stories ever written.

Robin Hood and his outlaws live outdoors in Sherwood Forest. Their warm fellowship is based on equality. The outlaws choose Robin as their chief because his daring wins their admiration and loyalty. They believe they obey a higher law than the sheriff’s law, one that respects the dignity of every person. They feel justified in resisting their rulers because their rulers are not following that higher law. Robin Hood is devoted to the Virgin Mary, for example, but not to the church, because church leaders were not following their own teachings. He honors the idea of his king, but he believes the king’s deer really belong to the hungriest poor folk. He does not object to wealth or rank, but the wrong use of those advantages. His remedy for the suffering of the weak is to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Only those whose wealth is unearned need to fear Robin or his outlaws. Even then, rich travelers who tell Robin the truth get to keep some money. Those who lie lose it all.

Features and Benefits: illustrated; helpful word glosses are added to the text and an introduction is provided by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

Core Classics Series Stories come to life for today's young readers in the this series. Faithful to the style, plot, and themes of the originals, Core Classics are designed for use as classroom editions of the literary works listed in the Core Knowledge Sequence. They include introductions by E. D. Hirsch Jr., editor of the Core Knowledge© Series (What Your Kindergartner–Sixth Grader Needs to Know). The Core Classics are generally considered suitable for fourth and fifth grade students. The texts are illustrated, annotated, and include a brief biography of the author. From the Introduction Two heroes from the Middle Ages still stir our imaginations. One is King Arthur, with his knights of the Round Table. The other is Robin Hood, with his band of forest outlaws. King Arthur and his knights live at court. They go into the dark woods when they are after adventure. But forests hold no danger to Robin Hood and his men. Sherwood Forest is their home, and they feel safe there. The King Arthur stories tell of the mighty noblemen who rule. The Robin Hood stories tell of common men who defy their masters and rule themselves.

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