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The third edition of this best-selling book remains vigorous while including a number of new elements which emphasize conceptual understanding. These elements include conceptual examples, "Think About This" sections, and worked examples. Twenty-five percent of the end-of-chapter problems are new or revised. After a comprehensive introduction, the following topics are covered: straight-line motion; motion in two and three dimensions; Newton's laws and their applications; kinetic energy; potential energy and conservation; linear momentum, collisions, and the center of mass; rotations of rigid bodies; angular momentum and torque; statics; gravitation; simple harmonic motion; waves, superposition, and interference; fluids, temperature, and ideal gases; heat flow and thermodynamics; molecules and gases; the second law of thermodynamics; electric charge and electric field; Gauss' Law; electric potential; capacitors and dielectrics; currents in materials; dc circuits; magnetic fields; Faraday's Law; magnetism and matter; inductance and circuit oscillations; alternating currents; Maxwell's Equations; light; mirrors; interference; diffraction; special relativity; and quantum physics. For scientists and engineers.

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