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PublisherFiction Collective 2
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Release date 02.10.1996
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In fairness: I am not the ideal audience for this collection (not being an ultra-cool American female in her mid-to-late twenties, prob with an MFA or similar)—in a used book shop, Rikki’s cover art and the FC2 logo made me curious, and GR regular Jessica Treat appears (whose piece from Not a Chance is one of the best), so I made the £2 plunge. The anti-theme of the collection “no chick vics” (no stories about victims) is an excuse for a smattering of tales with bizarre, confrontational, quirked-to-the-max, or lyrical-beyond-tolerable-level female narrators, making use of various innovative styles, varying in their success and interestingness—as I limped towards the climax, the voices tended to blend into one blabbering opaque first-person narrator candid about sex saying nothing terribly interesting about her bourgeois American existence (and concluding on a tedious pornographic tale). I liked the stories by Eurydice, Sandy Huss (who uses striking graphics and plagiarisms), and Joshilyn Jackson (Rikki D also appears here, with a piece from The Word “Desire”).

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