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In the high, hallowed halls of the Bardic College, the mysterious Headmaster puts students through a series of grueling tasks to see if they are born Bards or simply karaoke singers with delusions of grandeur. Danger, excitement and glamour abound for those who can complete the arduous tasks set before them.

No one embodies the spirit of adventure necessary to impress the exacting Headmaster more than Petunia, self-rescuing princess extraordinaire and Rock N’ Roll Minstrel in training. Bored with her previous life of dragon-taming, fire-walking, and the occasional ball, she vows to achieve a different kind of fame as the Kingdom by the Sea’s premiere Bard.

When at last the Headmaster assigns a quest befitting her unique abilities, Petunia sets off with a must-do attitude and swagger befitting a unicycling juggler, determined to return to the College victorious. It isn't long before her efforts place two kingdoms on the collision path to war—and that’s just the beginning of her problems!

Bullishly accustomed to making her own way in life, she still refuses to let anything or anyone get in her way. Unfortunately, she needs more than a snappy one-liner to save her. Will she find the wit and cunning needed to pass this, the ultimate test? Can she put her pride aside to accept someone else’s help? Find out in this comedic tale of lutes, limericks, and looking before you leap.

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