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Glimpse Inside a Hidden World

Narrated by the teenage girl who lived it, Closet Full of Coke tells the true story of how a New York suburban fifteen-year-old girl's savvy, grit, and wit helps turn the small-time drug business of Armando, a Colombian drug dealer, into a multi-million-dollar cocaine operation that puts them on the DEA's Wanted List.

This intimate diary gives readers a fast-paced glimpse of the couple’s speedy rise to riches, and their inevitable descent.

The wanna be Bonnie and Clyde of the New York-to-Florida drug scene of the 1980s, these lovers end their story only three years later with an untimely death, betrayal, and revenge.

Here is a true account of drug dealers whose obsession with money, power, sex, and glamour drives them to a lifestyle of deceit and recklessness, ending in tragedies that destroy lives forever.

From the Author:

I wanted the foolish girl I once was to tell her story without interruption. The result is a diary written like a novel. There is no reflection, analysis, or pontificating. There is a salacious story full of colorful characters and dialogue, told by the teenager who lived it.

Drug dealers have an interesting ethos unknown to outsiders. They live by elaborate rules and codes, and use intricate methodology to conduct business. They are far more organized than people imagine, and they see themselves as business people and entrepreneurs. Serious dealers who want success don’t use drugs and they deal to other dealers, not to users.

I compare my book to Film Noir. According to, “the primary moods of classic film noir” include “melancholy, alienation, disillusionment, disenchantment, moral corruption, evil, guilt, desperation and paranoia.”

These moods are prominent in my book.

Readers have called it “haunting,” “a car wreck you can’t look away from,” and “a roller coaster ride.” So, if you like the edge of your seat, hold on tight and listen to my story.

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