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If you like legal intrigue seasoned with a dash of politics, David Ellis is your guy. I first discovered David Ellis when he co-wrote a book with James Patterson that I particularly liked, and decided to check out his solo offerings. Boy, am I glad that I did! This is one of the most under-rated authors of our times, and why he doesn't get more notice is anyone's guess.

Jury of One centers around a female attorney named Shelley Trotter, who happens to be the daughter of the current Governor (something that she does her best to disassociate with due to their past family history).Shelley works at a law school clinic that defends indigent juveniles, typically for school-related disciplinary matters, or very minor infractions. One of her young clients from the law school, whom she has formed a friendship with, has been accused of murdering a police officer, and after seeking and failing to find a criminal defense attorney who will take Alex's case pro bono, Shelley reluctantly finds herself in the role of acting as Alex's counsel.She has help along the way, from one of the most successful attorneys in the city, who offers her office space, legal advice, and much more ;-)There are many twists and turns as Alex's reticence necessitates that Shelley dig and discover the facts a little at a time for herself, in the attempt to save his life, and come to terms with her own past.

Great book, although I could argue that there are a lot of unrealistic coincidences, and that the teenagers in this book don't seem to speak like teens, or behave like kids from the "other side of the tracks". It was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

I would caution those who would like to try out David Ellis' books to read them in the order he wrote them, though, as characters do reappear in later books, even those outside of his 3-book (so far) series.I read them out of order, and it wasn't that it didn't make sense, but I would rather have read them in order if I had it to do over again.

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