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In the book Tom Truehart and the land of Dark stories by Ian Beck, Tom Truehart has to save his brothers and their brides from Ormestone. Ormestone took them to the land of Dark stories to make a new story tale for them. His Sprite shrunk Tom so He had to ride on his friend Jollity the crow's back to rescue his brothers and their brides. When Tom got to the Land of Dark Stories his brothe Jack Truehart escaped. While his brothers and the brides got taken off to seperate locations. The men went to the Goblin Mines and the brides went to a house in the forest.Tom and Jollity fight against crows and end up getting seperated, as Jack is wondering through the forest. Tom runs into a wood cutter wife and her husband and they thought he was a wish so they weree going to take him to Ormestone. Jollity saved him and they ran into Jack. They seperated and Jack ggot caught by Ormestone's Sprite. The Sprite was planning on marrying the Truehart brides if they didn't guess his name in do many tries. Ormestone had everyone try to get him gold so he could bring the army of dead to life to go and take over the Land Of Stories.

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