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Admittedly, Weasel’s Luck is very funny at times, and written surprisingly well. It certainly reads quickly enough, but the superfluous humour and the childishness of the protagonist eventually annoyed me. I disliked Weasel/Galen, which is a problem (he is after all the narrator of this story). He is a despicable, selfish, snivelling, cowardly and ridiculous boy. This is exactly what the author was going for, no doubt. He is seventeen but acts like he’s four. By the time that the book takes a turn for the serious, Galen’s facetious attitude impacts negatively on the story. And let’s not even talk about his brothers…

This is the Dragonlance Heroes series, but it is unlikely that this refers in any way to Galen Pathwarden. Then there is Sir Bayard Brightblade: Solamnic Knight, antithesis to the Weasel and the only reason this book even has “heroes” printed somewhere on the cover. He is unfortunately also a bit of a fantasy trope, being so virtuous and noble that it hurts. They certainly make an interesting pair, no? I found myself wondering about Sir Bayard’s connection to Sturm Brightblade (surely there is one). Ancestor? Descendant? I don’t know the Dragonlance timeline well enough to garner a guess.

There is a good book hidden beneath all the absurdity. If you care to dig. The author spends so much time discrediting his narrator that by the time he starts to redeem himself you almost find yourself muttering those words immortalised by Clark Gable: “Frankly my dear…”

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