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We are all seeking to do the best we can in this game called life, aren’t we?
But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to find the key, that little nugget, which helps you to step up your game and win. You know that it is possible to win as you see many others around you doing so every day, but there are times when we could do with a little helping hand, some guidance to point us in the right direction.
That is what this book seeks to provide. Treat it as your secret weapon (although not so secret that you won’t want to tell family and friends about it, so that they too can start to win more powerfully!) in the game of life. Read it carefully and often, for you never know when the right nugget will reveal itself at precisely the right time for you.
This volume contains the distilled wisdom from eleven international current experts in their respective fields, including confidence, relationships, interview techniques, property, grief management, overcoming chronic illness, and more; each of these experts have created a chapter specially for you, covering many key aspects and areas of life, both in your personal and professional life.
I cannot emphasise enough the value to you of reading and rereading all of these chapters, even if they may not at first appear to be directly relevant to you; for each chapter operates at multiple levels, and while a given chapter may at first appear only to be relevant to a specific personal or business aspect of life, careful reading, rereading, and meditation on it may reap many benefits in other areas of your life. There is one chapter in particular, which at first glance appears to be focusing on a very specific topic, but whose content and underlying message is almost certain to be of relevance across whole sections of your life. And no, I’m not going to tell you which chapter it is, for that you will have to discover for yourself (and what a discovery awaits you!).
However, as the old proverb rightly puts it, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Alas simply owning or holding this book is not going to help you to make any long-term changes. Not even just reading the book is going to result in major changes to your life. You must also take action as a result of what you have read; for it is only by taking action that we begin to make the changes that we seek in our lives, and by continuing to take action that we guide our lives in the wondrous directions we choose for ourselves.
On behalf of all of the contributors, may I express the hope that you enjoy this book, read it, act upon it, treasure it, and refer to it often. And may doing so reward you in ways you have yet to even consider imagining!

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