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Ryder of Moreland, street rat-turned king’s ward, has been given a strange mission: collect Johanna of Seacliff and deliver her to her betrothed. Johanna, a young but fiery innocent, refuses to marry the vile and disgusting Basil of Blackhawk. Lord Blackhawk is after Johanna for more than just her body. He wants her estate, and the treasure that is fabled to be located there. When Ryder steals her from her home in the dead of night, Johanna vows to hate her tall, muscled captor, and escape him at any cost. Her plan goes awry, and she ends up falling for the very man she has sworn to oppose. Will Ryder deliver her to her fate, or will Ryder, the feared Mercenary of Moreland, take Johanna for his own?

“Get out of my chamber immediately you…you…whoreson!” Facing the third man, Johanna spat out the most insulting term she could muster, as adrenaline coursed through her veins. She tossed her long, auburn hair out of her face.

Now the third man broke into a wide grin. In fact, he seemed downright entertained by her display. Johanna felt hot anger bubbling up in her blood. The whip sang through the air like a striking snake, flaying a small wound into his cheek.

The man blinked, and then his grin slowly disappeared. He put his hand to his cheek and his blue eyes narrowed. “You will most certainly regret that.”

The man reached for her and she snapped the whip again. Still, he advanced. In but a few strides, he had her backed against the wall. She pulled back to strike him with her fists, but he grabbed her wrists, and pinned them to her sides. Then, he tossed her over his broad shoulder. Johanna shrieked incredulously as the man strode unchallenged out of the castle, the two other louts following closely behind him.

Where were her father’s men? Had this brute killed them all?

Johanna pummeled the man’s back with blows, but she soon found that her struggling was futile. She remembered her lessons well. Resistance would do nothing but sap her energy. She must remain strong and alert until the opportunity for escape arose. Johanna could hear Lisel’s traumatized screams echoing behind her as the man carried her off into the night. At least Lisel had not been hurt, Johanna thought miserably. But what of Rolf? Only death would have stopped her devoted overseer from coming to her aid. Fighting the bile that rose in her throat, and the tears that pricked her eyes, Johanna forced herself to go limp.

She would play possum until she was able to escape.


From Amazon Best Seller, Jayna Vixen, this work features strong sexual themes such as reluctance and force. Recommended for readers ages 18 and up.

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