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Billionaire Ahoy
A big, beautiful billionaire blew into a diner downtown on a sultry hot New York afternoon. I wanted him right there, right away, and I wanted him with cream. He made me wait. But it was worth it.

My life would never be the same again.

ADVISORY: 18+ only, adult themes, situations and language. Involving a curvy girl, massive amounts of tantalising and tease, as well assalaciously explicit graphic scenes of hot, intimate sex. Including: oral sex, outdoor sex, female masturbation and some voyeurism. Some of it on a yacht.

(A waitress and the only customer, in a diner on a sultry New York afternoon.)

As he stood up to leave, I started to say,

"That's too..."

He was very close. Dark, musky cologne or aftershave fogged my head, and his breath fanned my hair. The stiff white shirt rustled inside his suit. He put a massive finger to my lips, I can feel it now. I can taste it. I can feel his breath on my cheek as he said,

"That's two. OK?"

That finger on my lips. Just inside my mouth. I didn't bite him, my teeth just took a hold of his finger. I didn't plan to do it. I wouldn't have doneit. I couldn't. I wanted it so badly. And he'd just offered me work. You don't mix work and… well, I don't. His hard body, right in front of me. Right next to me. Almost against me. Just let him go, and it's a funny little moment that we'll both forget straight away. I bit just a little more. His hand reached up. To push me away, presumably. It caught my breast. His brown eyes flashed. A big hand. An even bigger breast. I decided to let go of his finger. It didn't happen. Through my skirt I felt something just in front of me. Something moving, stirring. Something slow and heavy. Large. And hot. And there was heat of my own. There was a morse code of heat, pulsing, communicating, unmistakably, urgently. It could happen. Right here. Right now. His pants seemed to be under some strain. Here in the huge windows of the diner. He said,

"I've got…"

I interrupted,

"Here's what you've got." His hand, still on my breast, squeezed. His breath was getting thicker. I sat down in front of him on the bench of the booth, my breasts pressed hard against his thighs, my thighs wide. I brushed the swelling at the top of his pants with my cheek, then with my hands. I breathed through the fabric, right onto what felt like a hot, pulsing, enormous cock. I pulled down the zipper and he moaned. His hands were on my shoulders, trying to pull me up. But he wasn't trying hard enough. Blue silk boxers were straining to cover it now. But I pulled them down…

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