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Learn the 7 Secrets to Homeschooling Success

In this Unconventional Homeschooling Guide, you will learn 7 habits that will make your homeschool dramatically more effective.

What if our children aren't prepared for the future?

Children entering school now will be entering adult life in the 2020's. How can we possibly predict the information and skills that will be most helpful to them, knowing that our own educations and upbringings didn't do that for us when we became adults?

As we now prepare our own children to function in a future that may be as drastically different from today as today is from our own childhoods, we ask ourselves these questions:

How can we give our children the tools and abilities to survive and thrive no matter what the future may bring? What skills and knowledge will stand the test of time and be valuable to them as adults? What has helped us weather the ups and downs of our adult lives?

What of all we learned from childhood through adulthood was "real" and has stood the test of time? 

In a world that is constantly changing, how can we know what learning will serve our children best?

Educators, scientists, and researchers have predicted that the 21st century student would need to develop a whole new set of competencies to thrive within a changing environment. They warn that academic classes and professional credentials will count for less and less in the future and real world training will count for more and more.

What do we really need to be focusing on during the homeschooling years?

What do we really need to be focusing on during our home schooling years to ensure that our children don't reach adulthood only to discover that they were prepared for a world that no longer exists?

It is clear that more than facts and figures, we need to give our children the building blocks of emotional intelligence so that they can manage their emotions and function either alone or with others; critical thinking skills so they can understand the issues and problems they face and solve those problems effectively; research skills that allow them to manage the huge amounts of information they will be asked to process; creative skills to be able to discover new and better ways of doing things; as well as the character qualities of responsibility, integrity, dedication, humility, and fairness.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Homeschooling outlines ways we can ensure our efforts will serve our children well throughout their lives, The book shares ways you can:

Help your children achieve their God-given destiny. Create a close-knit family unit that works together to accomplish the family's mission and purpose. Give your children the essential academic and relational skills they will need to thrive no matter what their future holds.Learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Homeschooling now

Written by a pioneer in Christian home education, this book outlines ways we can ensure our homeschooling efforts will serve our children well throughout their lives, ways that have been garnered from the author's over thirty years' experience teaching her children at home as well as several years teaching at the university level.

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