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A scathing condemnation of Communist Russia paired with Celine's doctoral thesis, a partly fictionalized biography of the doctor who urged obstetricians to wash their hands to prevent unnecessary deaths. The latter may be the most straightforward and lyrical prose Celine ever wrote. Highly recommended for fans of any of his work.

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from Mea Culpa:

It can't be too soon! Down with the bosses! Step on it! All stinking rubbish! Lumped all together, or taken one by one!

Misery has become the by-product of the whole History of the modern world. The cheapest and most negative arrogance, the emptiest fatuity, the overpowering madness of envy obsess all these dissemblers, in that enormous leper-house of to-morrow, in their socializing quarantine.

from Semmelweis:

Is this not another remarkable quality, perhaps the most precious of all, for those who triumph over the unknown in the realm of Science — that of being able to recognize the one certain and indispensable fact, no matter how brief its appearance may be, among the army of parallel facts without any immediate or possible importance?

In the chaos of this world, consciousness is only a little, flickering light, precious but fragile. You cannot light a volcano with a candle.

Now he wandered, with the rest of the mad, into the absolute, into those glacial solitudes where human passions awaken no echo, or where the terror-stricken human heart, beating to break itself on the road to the Void, becomes nothing but a stupid little lost animal.

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