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High-brow haterism. Bawer seems compelled to diminish the legacies of some of America's most beloved poets (most notably WCW and HD) in favor of the poets he admires (Dickinson, Stevens, Justice etc.). He's mostly dimissive of experimental poetry, though the fact that he aims his sights at the Beats, while avoiding the Black Mountain poets almost entirely, aside from a few marginalizing comments ("the pretentiousness of Olson's organic form" or his indictment of them for the "WCW revivalism"), is somewhat telling. Buried under his affinity for traditional forms is, at least in theory, an admirable poetics. He favors clarity over innovation (he's a substance over style kind of guy), and if his intellectual fervor didn't come across so strongly he would seem wildly outdated. Lucky for him, he comes armed with a razor-sharp wit and a knack for belittlement that is truly entertaining. His essays re: the Beats are hysterically funny, and he writes with such an air of authority that it's difficult to not be persuaded.

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