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Originally published in 1904 as individual chapters of the authors’ larger work, “Famous Men of the Middle Ages,” this Kindle edition, equivalent in length to a physical book of approximately 20 pages, describes the lives of Attilla the Hun, Mohammed, Charlemagne, and Marco Polo


(Attila the Hun) As soon as his army was ready he marched with it into countries which belonged to Rome. He defeated the Romans in several great battles and captured many of their cities. The Roman Emperor Theodosius had to ask for terms of peace. Attila agreed that there should be peace, but soon afterwards he found out that Theodosius had formed a plot to murder him. He was so enraged at this that he again began war. He plundered and burned cities wherever he went, and at last the emperor had to give him a large sum of money and a portion of country south of the Danube.

(Mohammed) About this time Mohammed’s uncle and wife died, and he had then hardly any friends in Mecca. He therefore resolved to leave that city and go to Medina. Numbers of the people there believed his doctrines and wished him to come and live among them. So he secretly left his native town and fled from his enemies. With a few faithful companions he made his escape to Medina.

(Charlemagne) After he had conquered the Lombards he carried on war, in 778, in Spain. A large portion of Spain was then held by the Moorish Saracens. But a Mohammedan leader from Damascus had invaded their country, and the Moors invited Charlemagne to help them. He therefore led an army across the Pyrenees. He succeeded in putting his Moorish friends in possession of their lands in Spain and then set out on his return to his own country.

(Marco Polo) The fleet with the wedding party on board sailed southward on the China Sea. It was a long and perilous voyage. Stops were made at Borneo, Sumatra, Ceylon and other places, until the ships entered the Persian Gulf and the princess was safely landed. After they reached the capital of Persia the party, including the three Venetians, was entertained by the Persians for weeks in a magnificent manner and costly presents were given to all.

About the authors:
John H. Haaren (1855-1916) and Addison B. Poland (1851?-1917) were educators and historians. Haaren was District Superintendent of Schools of the City of New York; Poland was Superintendent of Schools of Newark, NJ. Other works by Haaren and Poland include “Famous Men of Greece” and “Famous Men of Rome.”

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