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A cut above other Kennedy assassination books.The twist here being that although Oswald did indeed kill Kennedy, he was trained by the Soviets.The author has great knowledge of the Soviet-bloc espionage game from his career at the highest levels in the Romanian foreign intelligence service. He backs up his assertions,judgements, opinions and hunches with examples from the agents he directed, or from conversations he had with top Romanian and Soviet leaders.

Most of the blame is laid at Khrushchev feet, but ultimately it is the author's contention that Oswald acted against the instructions he received.It is theorized that Oswald was desperate to re-defect back to the Soviet Union.

This theory, the involvement of Jack Ruby, the mistakes of the Warren Commission, and failure of the follow-up investigation by the House Select Committee on Assassinations are all dealt with through the prism of Soviet involvement and KGB disinformation.

Add this one to your must-read list if you, like me, share an interest in all Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories.

4 Stars

★ = Horrid waste of time
★★ = May be enjoyable to some, but not me
★★★ = I am glad I read it
★★★★ = Very enjoyable and something I'd recommend
★★★★★ = A rare find, simply incredible

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